Having a Better MRI Experience

My MRI experiences are good although they weren’t always good. It lasts 60 minutes every time I do an MRI. I have them every year because they check my brain and my spine. I have to stay still for 60 minutes at each MRI. That is the hard part. When I was younger I had to be sedated because I couldn’t hold still.

My mom and I practiced meditation so that I could learn to keep still and wouldn’t have to be sedated. I hate being sedated. We had a friend who would do guided meditations with us and that was how I learned to keep calm and quiet even if I wasn’t sleeping. If you have trouble holding still, you might try practicing meditation or guided meditation.

Tips for going through MRIs:

  • Stick ear plugs in your ears because it is very loud.
  • Make sure you have a blanket on you also because you can get cold while staying still.
Shagreen patch
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