Eye Sight (Vision)

My eyesight is poor because the brain surgery I had when I was a baby caused a visual Impairment. I have had to deal with challenges because of this a lot of my life.

When I was a baby, the surgery removed the occipital lobe on the left side of my brain. The occipital lobe is where your brain make sense out of everything you see with your eyes. My eyes are fine, it is my brain that causes the problem.

Mainly, the impairment makes it hard for me to see things on the right side. My left side is better than my right side. On my hard days it is hard for me to see and pay attention. On my easy days I am more aware and pay attention better.

Sometimes I fall down because I didn’t pay close attention. I just try my best to pay attention and be aware around me when I am out and about. I used to use a white cane but I don’t like having to carry it around. It is easier to do tasks with both my hands free.

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