Choosing Shower Thermometer

I use a bath thermometer because I can’t feel water temperature due to one of my many challenges. Because of my brain disease, I have a syrinx, which is a hole in my spinal cord. Because of that, I can’t sense temperature changes very well.

So I got a bath thermometer because I don’t want to freeze or scald while in the shower. I am much happier with the thermometer because I am not nervous or anxious about the water temperature like I used to be, before having the thermometer in my life. I am not so concerned about my body in the water as much as I used to.

The thermometer tells what temperature it is in Fahrenheit. If it gets too hot then a little red light flashes and I make the water cooler. If the water is too cold, a blue light flashes and I make the water warmer.

The bath thermometer is a useful tool to use. You can get one on Amazon.

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