This summer, my mom and I went to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Lisbon was an interesting city in Portugal. But I resonated with Spain much better than Portugal. The Portuguese language is a separate language than Spanish. I know Spanish much better than Portuguese. It was hard to interact with the people in Lisbon very well because of that reason. It was interesting place but not my type of place though.


I went to Morocco this summer with my mom. I thought Morocco was cool and it was also interesting. It was cool to ride in the sand dunes. It was cool to watch people ride on the camels. It was fun to watch the play except for the fireworks. The fireworks scared me but other than that I had fun that night. Morocco is one of those places I don’t need to go back to or want to go back to. Going to Morocco once is enough for me.


I liked Barcelona. It was an interesting city in Spain. Barcelona was fun to explore. it was fun seeing the city and scenery. I had a good time in Barcelona myself. I liked the Barcelona zoo. The tour in Barcelona was fun.

Malaga, Spain

I loved Malaga because it was a beach place. It reminded me of L.A. The weather in Malaga is like L.A weather. Malaga is also walkable just like L.A. It was fun to explore Malaga. We enjoyed our time there so much it was hard to go back home at first. Malaga resonated with us so much that it was hard to leave. We were torn from Malaga Spain.

I liked Portugal

This summer my Mom and I went to Portugal. I liked Portugal. One thing that I liked at Portugal was the Portuguese villages. It was cool to go to the Portuguese villages. They are bright and sunshiny. Lisbon was a cool city. One downside about Lisbon is having to walk like a mountain goat. I liked being on coast by or near the Atlantic ocean instead of the river. My mom and I liked Portugal. I liked Spain better but Portugal I liked though.

I love Spain

This summer my mom and I went to Spain. I love Spain because people are friendly. You can enjoy evenings and relax without getting interrupted when out to dinner. We ate dinner late every night. There is not any pressure when cooking dinner. The price is not so pricey for getting groceries. It gets dark late at night. I like that we don’t need to rush on things in Spain. i love good beautiful weather in a lot of the places we went to in Spain. I think Spain is a beautiful country that Mom and I both loved when we went to Spain.