Buying Shoes

I wear slip-on shoes. I prefer slip-ons because I struggle tying my shoes. So if you struggle with tying shoes then my advice to you is to stop struggling and just get slip-on shoes because they are easy to get on and off.

My favorite pair shoes is the Bob’s dog shoes that I have. I love them because they are slip-on, plus they have dogs and colors on them. I adore them and I wear them when I take my walks. The dog shoes give me joy.

I find choosing shoes can be hard because I got to remember when choosing shoes is think about size, comfort (see if they fit), then style.

How I Make Decisions

Decision making is not easy. Sometimes depending on what decision it is, I need time. It can take a whole day sometimes to make the right decision. I need to feel like I am not making a wrong decision. That is okay. I just have to be patient with myself.

If I am shopping in a store I try to pick whatever I think is to my taste because I know there is not a wrong answer. I try to give myself a time limit because sometimes someone is waiting for me. Even if I am on my own, I don’t want to stand there for a long time. When my time limit is up (usually about five minutes) I just pick one and remind myself there is no right or wrong answer.

If I shop online If I need to think about it. I will take time and days at certain times. My brain can take awhile for decision making. My brain takes forever to process things when people tell me things. It takes awhile for me to think about things. So, I give myself plenty of time when I am shopping online. I try to do things ahead of time. For example, if my mom asks what I want for my birthday I will start thinking about it three or four months ahead of time so that I know I am choosing what I really want. That is okay. I sometimes have to remind my mom that I take a long time.

Sometimes I need or want advice about a decision that I am making. I can make decisions but sometimes it is not easy for me do it. It is okay if you want to ask for advice. On my good days I can remember things and on my bad days I don’t remember things very well. That makes it harder to make a decision. It is not easy for me to make decisions when I am tired. So if I am struggling I will stop and get some rest and then try again another time.

For me the two most important things I do to help me make decision is 1) I set a time limit and 2) I remind myself that as long as the item fits or is appropriate to what I am buying it for, there is no right or wrong answer. As soon as I choose it, it is the right thing.

I hope this helps. If you have trouble making decisions it is okay to be patient with yourself and ask other people to be patient with you.