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You probably got to this page because you know my mother and she talks a lot about me, but if you don’t know us, you can find out more about us here.

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I have always loved making art. I have a neurological disorder and a visual impairment and so I see the world differently from other people. The first time I started working in glass, I felt like I could finally show people what it is like to live in my world.

Here are some things you need to know about kiln-formed glass before you buy any of my work. First, kiln-formed glass starts with a single pane of glass as a base. That base is usually clear but it can be plain white or black. Then you glue small pieces of colored glass to the base. You cut the colored glass with special tools (always wearing eye protection!)

I like all the colors of the glass so I try to make pieces with a lot of different colors in them. I like to put all kinds of shapes together. Sometimes I use glass pebbles in my pieces. Those are fun to work with.

The glass is then melted in a really hot kiln, and shaped. The glass sometimes shows stress marks from the shaping, or gets a little cloudy where the pieces melt together, or has little bubbles. The glass melts in a free-flowing way, so every piece of glass looks different. So, for example, the vases/candleholders all have slightly different shapes even though they were formed in the same way.

All of that is a natural part of the process, and it not an imperfection. It is art. It should not look like it came from Walmart.

It is very expensive to make kiln-formed glass, and that is why these pieces cost what they do. I love making this glass and hope you love looking at it.

Because this is all one-of-a-kind art, I can’t refund your money if you decide you don’t like the art after all. Please don’t buy anything unless you are really sure you love it.

I wrap each item carefully before shipping it, and I use almost all recycled materials (from two local companies) for this process.

I track and insure all packages so if something happens during shipping (the glass is broken or chipped), you’ll be reimbursed. Shipping prices shown are for regular ground shipping in the United States only. I use the United States Postal Service to ship everything. If you would like me to use a different shipper, or if you would like to receive your item faster, or if you live outside of the US, email me at jessica@jessicalawlerkay.com to find out how much shipping will cost.

If you live in Kansas, you will have to pay sales tax, so just email me at jessica@jessicalawlerkay.com ahead of time and I will calculate what that cost will be.

To clean your glass, just use a damp sponge. A mild soap is okay, and you can use the rough side of a sponge if there’s a sticky spot. But don’t use anything too abrasive or you could scratch the glass. If you are using the vases for candleholders, be sure that the glass is not too cold when you light the candle. Regular votive candles or tea lights will fit inside the vases.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me: jessica@jessicalawlerkay.com

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  1. Oh Jessica! I love, love, LOVE your fused-glass art! I am starting to save back some money so I can purchase some from you soon! And I will tell everyone I know about your website. Keep making this art – your work is so beautiful and makes me so happy!

  2. Nichole Kraft

    Glad to meet you, Jessica! I love glass art of all types, and I think yours is gorgeous! I’ll be saving my pennies so I can buy some. And they would make great presents for my friends and family! Do you take custom orders?

    Thank you for creating such beautiful art!

    • jennifer

      Thank you, Nichole! I am glad you like my work.

      Yes, I can do custom orders! I will add the information to my website today. You can email me at jessica@jessicalawlerkay.com if you decide you’d like to do that.

      — Jessica

  3. Meredith

    Hi Jessica!
    I’m a friend of your mom and I’m coming to your site via her Facebook page. Your pieces are beautiful! I especially like the aptly named sunshine tray and rose vase. I can’t wait to order one of my own! Good luck on your growing business.

  4. Hi, Jessica! I am a friend of your mom’s. We have met before and I am so excited about your fused glass art! We have just moved to a new house and are doing a lot of remodeling. I will be watching your page to find just the perfect piece. Like you, I love sunshine and bright colors.
    Keep making your art. It is truly beautiful!

  5. Becky Harper

    Your dad shared this web site with me. How beautiful. I will definitely be ordering soon.

  6. Nick

    Very nice Jessica. I will definately have an order before the summer ends!

  7. Marcia

    Your work is beautiful and I am going to order something to display in my home.

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